Sony PlayStation 3 Launch

Event Type:product launch
Client:Sony Computer Entertainment & Myer
Venue:Myer Pitt Street Mall, Sydney
The highly anticipated launch of the PlayStation 3 took place at midnight at Myer in Pitt Street Mall, Sydney.
Lizzie Lovett was on site to MC the event, which attracted media and gaming enthusiasts alike, eager to get their hands on the first PlayStation 3 consoles in Australia.
Gamers were treated to a screening of the new James Bond film, Casino Royal, which utilised the new Blu-ray technology of the PS3; plus two lucky punters were given the opportunity to put their driving skills to the test on the huge 15m x 10m screen, allowing everyone in Pitt Street to watch them battling it out.
As excitment mounted and the minutes ticked over to midnight, the 2Day FM crew kept everyone happy with popcorn and ice-creams, until, with ten seconds to go, enthusiastic onlookers helped Lizzie count down live on 2Day FM.
It was an all-out fun-lovers' midnight event produced by TP events on behalf of Sony Computer Entertainment and Myer.