Spamalot Opening Night Party

Event Type:entertainment & premieres
Client:Louise Withers & Associates
Venue:National Gallery of Victoria, Melbourne
Description:Monty Python’s ‘Spamalot’, the smash hit Broadway & West End musical debuted in Australia and was followed by a buzzing After Party, organised by TP Events at Melbourne's iconic NGV International.

Upon entering the party, guests were greeted by a giant ‘Holy Grail’ - the trademark Monty Python image. Then as celebrities walked down the red carpet they looked up to the skies to see an amazing 20 ft foot floating in mid-air.

During the event the crowd ate-a-lot, drank-a-lot and danced-a-lot thanks to the delicious Peter Rowland Catering, Mollys Cradle and Melbourne's star DJ, Mark John.

Eric Idle, Richard E. Grant and Geoffrey Rush were among the VIP crowd that attended this laugh-a-lot party.