Sony PlayStation 10th Anniversary Party

Event Type:corporate events
Client:Sony Computer Entertainment
Venue:Wharf 8, The Rocks, Sydney

"Expect the unexpected: we are like no other company and the events we put on must always stand out."

This was the challenge set by Sony Computer Entertainment - and TP Events rose to the occasion with our production of Sony PlayStation's 10th Anniversary event.

Retailers, corporate partners, employees and the general media were invited to celebrate this milestone in PlayStation’s legendary history.

With a brand that has experienced phenomenal growth and sales over 10 years, the pressure was on TP Events to achieve an event that reflected PlayStation and the mark it has made on the world of computer gaming.

Wharf 8 Industrial Hall was chosen as an urban setting that best suited the type of event we envisaged. The concept created by TP and production designer Jonathon Beck was designed to immerse guests in a "dark and surreal urban jungle" environment, spiced up with eclectic evolving entertainment.

With a same-day bump-in, the event had to be meticulously planned. A crew of over 100 was contracted to manage various components of the elaborate set-up, along with TP Events' core production team.

Riggers, A/V techs, stylists and designers, light and sound crew, catering teams and 40 entertainers collaborated to create a futuristic urban city reflective of the gaming world and the Sony brand.

When guests arrived they were ushered into a red-draped room flanked with festoons as a quirky music box played and wait staff offered potent test tubes of tequila shots. A Mr Whippy van served ice cones laced with colourful shots of liquor and an eclectic mix of pre-show savouries.

As the crowd swelled and the atmosphere built, guests who thought they were already in the event suddenly realised they were about to experience something wholly unexpected.

As a masterful soundscape soared to fill the space, the giant red curtains lifted to reveal Sony City - a futuristic and edgy world where anything goes and nothing is certain.

Over the city, an electric ceiling of neon lights, happy tubes, hundreds of par cans and moving lights formed a canopy of colour and special effects.

A wire-caged entertainment arena kept guests enthralled with a variety of freakshow-styled performances including a world-champion sword swallower, body piercers and punk roller derby rink skaters.

Burlesque dancers writhed on the centre stage, alternating with dramatic performances by a custom-crafted team of performance artists including champion hoola-hoop dancers.

Scattered around the city was 10 years of Sony memorabilia, displayed for people to discover and marvel at.

A giant 18-metre projection covered the entire far end of the room forming a canvas for a visual montage of “PlayStation 10 years in the making": a retrospective montage of some of Sony’s great TVCs overlaid with high-end graphics and gaming footage, produced for this event by TP Events' Studio 51.

The three huge, internally-lit bars featured vodka luges, bizarre cocktails and in one, a living Graffiti Wall that evolved into a completed canvas by the end of the night.

Wait staff in Sony PlayStation t- shirts carrying custom-made perspex trays shaped in Sony PlayStation logos, passed pallets of delicious snacks prepared by Belinda Franks Catering.

A 20-metre sushi train shunted a moving selection of ever-changing goodies. There was no certainty you'd see the same dish arrive on the next train; and a de-rail mid-delivery sometimes meant the train didn't turn up at all!

In the village area, smoking oil drums set the scene for an all-night noodle bar with fresh portions made to order. Satays, noodle boxes and stirfrys were in demand as the alcoholic creations started to work their magic.

DJ Steven Ferris mixed up a fusion of modern and retro tunes to amp up the crowds between each act and during the performances.

After short speeches by Sony’s MD and IBM's Intel Director, the Armando Hurly Super Band leapt onstage to play the greatest All-Star set of the year along with 12 of Sydney’s leading session musicians, all styled up to rock the room.

The six hundred guests were still partying well into the wee smalls and actually had to be ushered to a post-party venue to allow The TP team some time to bump it all out.

We thank our client SCE for the opportunity to work with a great brand and team to create a unique and spectacular event.

A big thank you also to our internal Event Management team, lead by Event Manager Donna Lloyd, together with Production Designer Jonathon Beck and Production Manager Dan Fahey.
Our supporting partners included:

  • Lisa French – Choreographer
  • Megadeck - Staging
  • The Look - Draping
  • Technical Directions Company – Audiovisual
  • Troy Daniels – Lighting Designer
  • Chameleon Touring – Lighting Systems
  • Masden Productions – Audio
  • Edwin Shirley Staging
  • Belinda Franks Catering
  • Corporate Express – Beverages